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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  August 23, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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at 7:00, it's been five years since an earthquake rattled the nation's capital and we are still dealing with the after shock. >> an inspiring story of a maryland boy who received a pair of new hands. his mom is over joyed but is holding him back from one specific milestone. >> first, students returned to school in prince georges after a year full of scandals that kicked up again just last week. good evening. several head start teachers are accused of bullying and abusing children as young as three years of age. federal government says it is cutting the 6.5 million needed to keep the program going and 900 toddlers in school. the school ceo said he knew about the abuse in april but couldn't explain why neither county exiv
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month. maxwell could not detail why the issues were not fixed in time to keep the federal money. >> we are not going to lose funding. we are going to have a head start program in the county and we are going to make the changes that need to be made and move forward. >> this was one of the things that there should have been a special board meeting called if they needed to, but it needed to have been addressed in the beginning so this didn't happen. >> five members of the prince georges county school board have turned against the chair and vice chair calling for them to step down. so far they have yet to respond. the fbi is investigating a double stabbing as a possible terror attack at an apartment complex in roanoke. police say a 20 year old farooqui randomly attacked and shouted allah akbar during the attack. >> both
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and cut repeatedly. torso, limbs, including on the male, the one laceration to the side of the neck. the male was eventually able to fight off the attacker who fled. >> farooqui lives with his parents a mile away. he showed up with his own injuries at the hospital where the victims were being treated. he was arrested and charged with aggravated malicious wounding. a body found inside a tool box floating in a kentucky creek was that of a man from prince frederick maryland. the 29 year old navy veteran was reported missing on july 24th. relatives who live in the area where the body was discovered. the coroner identified the body today. a homicide investigation is now underway. it was
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the mayor announced today that the city's long serving assistant chief will serve as interim head of the department at least until she can find a permanent replacement. she announced last week she's leaving next month to handle security for national football league. we talked to people about what they want in a new police chief. >> someone with the same emphasis, someone to keep the city safe. i travel at night so i am looking for that security. >> he's been around and sees what's going on. maybe he might be the best guy for the job. >> i am not reaching for anything in my car. i am going to ask the police. i feel better if i can step outside the car with my hands over my head. >> do you think a new police chief could change that? >> he is going to have to. >> newsham has a law degree, member of maryland bar, has been applying around the country over the years
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times. five years ago d.c. was rocked by a 5.8 magnitude earth quake and we are still feeling the impact. >> reporter: the washington monument took a big hit during the earthquake in 2011. the park service says that's the reason why they're still dealing with elevator problems. at the time a lot of folks who were inside ran outdoors to find out what was going on. that's the wrong advice. we now know winder take shelter and take -- we should take shelter and take trouble. schools are teaching children to drop, cover, hold on. >> get under a structure, something like a table. >> reporter: earthquakes are rare. ours was powerful and widespread from knocking off chimney bricks at my home to damaging the national cathedral, shaking the washington monument with visitors inside. >> i went home
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kids' school. they were already outside. >> we did not advise the kids to go outside. >> reporter: we did hear back from cell providers. att tells us they've upgraded their system and verizon tells us their network is "built to withstand the unexpected." >> according to the d.c. homeland security and emergency management agency, more than 166,000 residents have signed up for alerts at d.c. text messaging since the quake. on facebook hundreds of people let us know where they were when the quake happened. wendy was walking to the recently unveiled mlk monument. she didn't feel a thing. mercedes had the opposite response. she said she was nine months pregnant and asleep and the quake made her jump out of the bed and outside in nothing but a t-shirt. she called it
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her earthquake baby turns five this friday. we invite you to share your memories by joining the conversation on the wusa9 facebook page. president barack obama says more help is on the way to flood victims in louisiana. he got a first hand look at the devastation during a trip to baton rouge where flood waters destroyed or damaged 60,000 homes. >> people's lives have been up ended by this flood. local businesses have suffered some terrible damage. families have in some cases lost homes. >> your whole world is gone. all the clothes, bed stuff, baby things. everything is gone. >> more than 106,000 people have applied for emergency federal aid. president obama says the government is beginning to distribute some $127 million to families already forced from their homes. the baltimore boy who underwent the first double hand transplant on a child isn't just surviving. he is
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had the surgery. now he can wiggle his fingers, write in his journal, zip his clothes. he even passed out cake at his 9 9th birthday party and threw out the first pitch at a baltimore orioles game. his mom is pleased but holding him back from at least one goal. >> she won't let me try out for football. >> no. he will start with baseball. >> why not? >> too dangerous. >> his new hands are designed to grow as he gets bigger and stronger. he lost his hands and feet due to an infection when he was just two years old. doctors say he has trained his brain to communicate with his new hands after not having any for some six years. a teacher says no to homework. her reasons why are ahead. >> a very comfortable night. some temperatures in the burbs are in the upper 50s. these are low temps. even downtown
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baltimore city officials approved back pay for two more police officers cleared of criminal charges in the death of freddie gray. sergeant white will receive nearly $97,000. officer william porter will receive $70,000. the city already approved back pay for two other officers. in all some six police officers were charged in the case. all suspended without pay. no officer was convicted. today on the campaign trail, it's all about the benjamins. donald trump spent the afternoon fund raising in texas
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minute in his austin. hillary clinton is on a star studded california trip looking to raise money from celebs and other deep pocketed donors. she's already stopped by justin timberlake's home. jimmy carter is weighing in on the 2016 campaign. the democrat says there is a clear choice for who should win come november. >> unfortunately the way it's turned out, both parties are quite unpopular but i don't have a doubt that one of the candidates is better qualified than the other. >> he spoke with reporters while working at habitat for humanity site in memphis. at 91, he is happy to be back on the construction site after a cancer scare last year. >> i said i would be back next year. i wasn't sure i would be back. i thought i might be gone by now. but it's turned out quite well. so the optimism i had has paid off. >> the
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hasn't had cancer treatment since january and doctors haven't seen any signs of cancer since then. you have seen the commercials from cell phone carriers claiming they're number one. but a new study shows who is truly on top. >> olympic athletes awarded not for how they finished a race but what they did during the race. not even michael phelps has one of these medals. that's after topper's forecast on
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a teacher in texas on after school work. her letter home to parents has gone viral. >> reporter: this is the note a north texas second grade teacher passed out to parents. the homework policy, there is no homework. instead, the teacher wants kids to eat dinner as a family, read together, play outside, go to bed early. she says studies have not been able to prove homework improves performance at school. >> i thought it was good. >> if we have to bother him doing homework and spend 30, 45 minutes reading and on the computer just so he can finish his assignment, there is really little or no time to spend time as a
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>> i think homework keeps students prepared, organized, and ready for college. >> they need to go over what they have learned in school earlier in the day and make sure they understand it. >> i think you can do both. you can do homework first and then you can have time with your kids or you can do both at the same time. >> there are many studies that have found that homework has almost no benefit for elementary and middle school students. you start to see the benefits when kids reach high school. hundreds of people have commented on this post on our facebook page including topper shutt who says he never did his homework. feel free to join the conversation. mcdonald's recalling millions of toys meant to keep kids healthy. parents complained that the step it activity tracker caused skin irritation and burns on their children's wrists. 29 million were given away in
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incidents and seven reports of blisters. if you have one of the trackers we have details on what to do with the device on the wusa9 app. for the sixth year, verizon is number one with wireless service. a new study looks at data, reliability, speed call, text, performance in all states. att came in second followed by sprint and t mobile. ride sharing service uber hiking rates to the minimum fair for uber x. it is now $6.35. it is a $1 increase or 20%. uber says this is in response to drivers who have had to swallow additional costs on shorter trips. >> i think to pay the drivers $1 more, it's well designated served. they do a good job and are very responsible. with that, they should get the extra dollar. >> this is as uber is taking heat from drivers. last week
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drivers nationwide in a class action lawsuit over their expenses. always watching, always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. >> we are loving this weather. this is good stuff. >> this is like late september. >> it's like fall. >> it's a treat. it's not going to last forever as you know. >> of course. >> we are looking at temperatures going up thursday and friday. still nice tomorrow. our three degree guarantee today. it was 85 yesterday. i thought well we'll go with 86 today. seems reasonable. i will let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. you can check with us on the app as well. first we'll look at the tropics. this is what's left of fiona. it never became a hurricane. just a couple days ago she was harmlessly going to go between bermuda and north carolina coast and back in the shipping lanes of the atlantic. now models are taking it northwest and more westward and then a turn to the southwest. it's going to ar
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weekend and some models bring it up into our neck of the woods by a week from thursday. stay tuned. we'll watch that track carefully. it is just beautiful outside, very clear for august. it's a nice air mass with 81 now, dew points in the 50s. that's great. winds are out of the south southeast at six. when you see dew points in the 50s, rest the a/c. cool tonight with clear skies. we'll be in the 50s with the burbs. bus stop temperatures 58 to 76. that's pretty darn nice. warmer tomorrow but nice, not humid. then heat and humidity return thursday and friday with 90 thursday, 95 on friday. futurecast tonight is great. at 10:00, low 70s downtown, upper 60s in the burbs, 67 in frederick, 71 silver springs. by morning, lots of 60s, 63 rockville, 62 sterling. mid morning we are 73 in fairfax, 72 in dale city. this is nice stuff he
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by afternoon at 12:30 or 1:00 we are back to the low to mid 80s. some clouds will again persist west of i-81. even there temperatures are in the low 80s. 24 hours from now we are back in the mid 80s with clear skies and winds south southeast. by 11:00 tomorrow, not as cool but not bad, by 11:00 temperatures are in the low 70s in the burbs. tonight clear skies and comfortable, 58 to 68 winds out of the south southeast at 10, a very nice night. we break it down on the day planner. we have 60s to start with clear skies and then 75. 81 by 11:00, 84 by 1:00 and again a mostly sunny day. it will be hotter thursday with 90, an isolated storm possible, a better chance on friday, 94. the next seven days, we kept the weekend dry but it's heated up a bit, around 930 saturday and sunday. burgundy and gold is friday. we could be
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storms friday and still around 90 monday and tuesday of next week. it was one of the most touching moments of the rio olympics not involving a gold medal winner but a pair of runners who finished actually dead last. now they've earned a rare award. a new zealander and an american tripped during a preliminary heat. one was clearly hurt but the runners helped each other back on their feet and across the finish line. officials have recognized their good sportsmanship by giving them the fair play committee award. it's only been given out 17 times in olympic history. >> that was a great moment. that's what you see with the olympics. yes, it is competition. but i love what she said. "this is the olympics. we have to finish ." it doesn't matter if you are first on are last. it's the olympics. >> absolutely. >> > itmay be over but
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katie ledecky emerged as a break out star even though she had won a gold medal before. after rio she became a household game. she's got talented in the water but what about on the baseball field. she'll take the mound tomorrow night at nationals park to throw the ceremonial first pitch before the game at baltimore. if this video is any indication, the answer is yes, she's got skills. if you are heading out there, get there early. i will be live from nats park for the game to bring it to you. united states dominated rio olympics with the first gold medal won by a springfield virginia native in the air rifle. they went onto win many more. maryland brought home 18 medals, 14 gold. here is
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the maryland olympians, many of whom made history. ♪
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breaking news -- shannon doherty's breast cancer fight, we'll tell you why the "90210" star is celebrating. is she trying to have children? >> maybe that is our destiny. plus the megamovie stars left speechless when beyonce and jay-z showed up to their big premiere. then which "dancing with the stars" pro is retiring from the show? plus the men of "bridget jones' baby." mcdreamy versus an oscar winner. only we are on the set. and two james corden biayrthdpr surises. after last night's bash, we uncover one of his first celebrity interviews. >> an exclusive interview with meatloaf. now for august 23rd, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." when "90210" star shannon doherty was ready to open up about her fight with breast cancer, she only sat down with us.


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